Metal & Crittall Windows

Originating in the 18th Century, Crittall Windows was the primary source of metal windows and doors. This was before modern materials such as PVCu, aluminium and timber came to be used.

Some of the world’s most famous buildings are fitted with Crittall Windows. In the UK these include The Houses of Parliament, Tower of London and The Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

The process of creating or restoring is simple and follows these nine steps:

  1. Removal of windows
  2. Deconstruction of windows from frames
  3. Removal of handles and stays
  4. Cleaning the window frames using either traditional sanding methods, shot and/or sand blasting or alternatively hot-dip galvanising
  5. Repairing or replacing of any breakages
  6. Application of rust resistant primer
  7. Application of hardened top coat, usually powder coat but optionally wet spray or even hand painted
  8. Cleaning and polishing
  9. Re-installation of windows

Dependant on the age and any damage, Bowman’s Stained Glass can restore your original windows or replicate them. Either way bringing the windows back to their original beauty