Leaded Lights

Traditionally, leaded light windows differ from stained glass windows principally in being less complex in design and employing simpler techniques of manufacture. Leaded lights have been around for over 500 years and can be just as beautiful once skilfully restored.

The process of creating or restoring is simple and follows these six steps:

  1. Designing or re-drawing
  2. Building on a flat surface
  3. Soldering
  4. Cementing
  5. Trimming & polishing
  6. Fitting

Unlike stained glass windows, which are traditionally pictorial or elaborate in design, traditional leaded light windows are generally non-pictorial, containing geometric designs, and formalised plant motifs.

Leaded light windows almost always employ the use of quarries; pieces of glass cut into regular geometric shapes, sometimes square, rectangular or circular but most frequently diamond-shaped, creating a “diaper” pattern.